Interview With a Designer: Alice Jane Potter
Fig. 1; Potter’s Cry Baby Club collection at Graduate Fashion Week 2017

Alice Jane Potter is a Fashion Design graduate from University of Central Lancashire, whose London Graduate Fashion Week collection received great praise and was even worn by Kate Nash on her recent tour. From a young age and throughout her education Potter has had a passion for sewing and uses it as “a massive escape” (Potter, 2017). During her placement year she worked for a stage company that created ‘headpieces for drag queens, burlesque dancers and huge west end shows.’ This is where she found her love for embellishment (Potter, 2017), which has had a clear influence on her graduate collection, Cry Baby Club.

The collection (fig.1) consists of 6 looks which are made up of pieces that are ‘versatile enough to break up the outfits and swap pieces to create a range of different looks’ (Potter, 2017). Although this collection is visually enticing, it also has ‘quite a feminist message behind it’ (Potter, 2017). Her design process for this collection came at a time when ‘Donald Trump splurged his unwanted opinion about women’ (Potter, 2017) influencing her collection to show her views about how women are perceived as sensitive and emotional. By using delicate fabrics, blue tones and laser cut tear drops within her looks it celebrates womens’ rights to feel and show emotion whilst still being powerful (Potter, 2017).

To embrace and communicate this message further, singer and ‘unabashed feminist’ (, n.d.) Kate Nash wore Potter’s over-sized gathered tulle dress on her recent 10-year anniversary tour around Europe (fig. 2). From this Potter has been able to connect with a wider audience, giving her more opportunities to better her future and the confidence to start up her own brand.

Fig. 2; Kate Nash performing in Melkweg wearing one of Potter’s creations

When asked what advice she would give to aspiring designers, Potter said “if you don’t love it – don’t do it” (2017).

Sound advice indeed!


A post featuring the full interview will be available on this blog soon.

For more information on Alice and her work, please visit her blog at:



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